The Dream

Every woman deserves to own products that brighten her day and make her feel beautiful. We all owe it to ourselves to glow from within and have this reflect on the outside.

DARCASE™ was founded by Daria Chuprys and Kostas Angelopoulos during Daria’s first real-life pregnancy, and she considers this brand her second child. They wanted to create a line that was cohesive and easy to transport, all while fitting the luxurious aesthetic.

As an active member of the beauty industry for over a decade, Daria has witnessed trends and products become popular and then fade into existence. The DARCASE™ brand represents a fusion of modern luxury, scientific research, historical practices, and above all, a dream to create something that manifests self-worth. As a lover of all things beauty and fashion, Daria channeled her adoration for gold accessories into the DARCASE™ production.

She drew inspiration from her favorite jewelry brands to truly embody a luxurious skincare experience. Each tool is designed to look, feel, and perform with the highest quality of hardware, because you deserve it.

DARCASE™ offers a solution to your cluttered bathroom counter with three reliable products that are as good as gold. Daria always says, “Your dreams should become your obsession.” DARCASE™ promises to exceed your expectations so you can dream bigger and lead a life with no limitations.

The Vision

At DARCASE™, our vision is to be the hallmark of uniqueness in fashion and beauty, developing products that fulfill every woman’s lifestyle needs.

This collection offers a full at-home facial experience, and we expect to integrate more innovative beauty tools and accessories into this luxurious brand.

The future of DARCASE™ is one without borders; we plan to distribute internationally and attract digital traffic through our website and social media platforms.

DARCASE™ belongs on the shelves of every spa, salon, boutique and beauty store to complete the full-body pampering experience.

The Mission

We live during an era in which the demand is not only the consumption but also the production and upkeep of a better self. At DARCASE™, we intend to offer tailor-made experiences that will not only encourage the modern woman to dream big, but also equip her with the confidence to achieve timeless beauty.

We understand that women deserve accessories that will uplift their mood and enhance beauty at all times-so we passionately crafted these products that offer travel solutions without compromising the aesthetics.

We strive to offer superior products in the industry and emerge as the pacesetter for the modern luxury-loving woman through our customer-centric approach built on consumer value, excellent customer service and steady growth.

Welcome to Darcase!

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