Aurí- A Luxury 24K Gold Plated Gua Sha

The Aurí is a 24k gold plated dual-ended Gua Sha with multiple contours that promote lymphatic fluid drainage and stimulate blood circulation. Take your facial muscles to the gym and enjoy firmer, lifted skin.



Our Auri Gua Sha is an at home facial massage tool that lifts and plumps the skin with noticeable results after a few uses.



  1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly 
  2. Apply your favorite face oil all over face and neck
  3. Holding your Gua Sha at a 45-degree angle, repeat each section of the face 7-10 times in upward scraping motion from the middle of the face towards the outside.
    • Forehead: Start at the center of the forehead and glide your gua sha tool outwards. 
    • Brows: Going from the inside out, gently glide your gua sha tool upwards along the brow bone.
    • Under-Eye: Start in the inner corner of the eye, and gently glide gua sha tool outwards to the temple.
    • Cheeks: Start at the nose area and work upwards in a swooping motion along the cheeks & cheekbones, moving outwards toward your ears.
    • Lips: Gently glide back and forth over lip area approximately 6-8 times
    • Jawline and Chin: Gently glide your AURI Gua Sha Tool upwards from the center of the chin towards earlobes 

Use the micro-current solar ball tip under the eye area to stimulate production of collagen and elastin

Use different angles of the AURI gua sha tool in line natural contours of your face


Additional information

Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 4.5 × 2 in


6 reviews for Aurí- A Luxury 24K Gold Plated Gua Sha

  1. Tori Ihnen

    This is the best facial tool ever! I have had this gua sha for almost 1 year, and there are no signs of chipping or scratching. The gold plating is so luxurious feeling and the tool itself has multiple contours/shapes so that you can target many different things. I love to massage my neck and cheekbones with it, and you really can see a difference with consistent use. Plus, it feels amazing! If you are a skincare lover, you need this tool on your vanity!

  2. Wei

    I recently received this beautiful product. It is the most beautiful gua sha tool on the internet period! I not only love to use it before my bed time, helps me relax, but also using it in the morning on my puffy eyes. A beautiful addition to your skincare collection.

  3. Stephanie Ramos

    I was recommended to get this beautiful tool by another aesthetician and it was the best decision I’ve made. I keep this tool handy to help relieve tension on my jaw. It has helped with the daily migraines I was getting because of built-up tension. Because of doing this daily it has Contoured my jawline and cheek bones so that’s a major PLUS!
    The mild yet effective micro current is another plus around the eye area.

  4. Kayleigh

    No gua sha tool like this one on the market! Gua sha & eye massager in one!!! The packaging is so beautiful and the tool is very effective. It’s a little heavier then most gua sha tools I’ve used before but I love that about it. It really helps to keep a nice pressure on the areas being massaged! I’m an esthetician and its been wonderful being able to incorporate this amazing beneficial massage to my clients. I love that it comes with a carrying pouch so it doesn’t get scratched! Thank you Darcase for creating this lovely tool, I can’t wait to carry it in my salon to recommend to my clients!

  5. Shekinah (verified owner)

    What an absolutely beautiful Gua sha. I can’t believe I ever lived without this! Depuffs my face and is such a nice tension release for the neck and shoulders. I like to use it with a nice facial oil. Such a luxury!!

  6. Kaylen

    The Best Gua-Sha on the internet.

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