Deep exfoliation has never been so carefree

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The Perlé is an ultrasonic dual function 24 karat spatula

Experience brighter, healthier & cleaner skin with exfoliate mode

Enjoy tight, firm & youthful skin with Lift mode

Be your own aesthetician anywhere…anytime

Say hello to...


The Perlé is an ultrasonic dual function 24 karat spatula

Experience brighter, healthier & cleaner skin with exfoliate mode

Enjoy tight, firm & youthful skin with Lift mode

Be your own aesthetician anywhere…

Removes dead skin & impurities unclogs dirt and oil from pores Extracts blackheads & whiteheads deeply exfoliates for smoother skin lifts to achieve firmer skin reduces appearance of large pores penetrates serums and oils 

Searching for a solution to dull skin and clogged pores?

Perle’s ultrasonic spatula frequencies help to extract impurities, dirt, and whiteheads from pores, resulting in cleaner, smoother skin. Lift function allows better penetration of serums and uplifts your skin.

More than just a deep exfoliator

Ultrasonic what?

Ultrasonic literally translates to sound waves beyond the upper limit of human hearing. Our device features vibrations of up to 32,000 Hz. These vibrations pair with the spatula to push out dirt, oils, and dead skin cells from the pores—all while deeply exfoliating.

Once your pores are purified, you can introduce all those yummy serums and moisturizers for ultimate penetration. 

With consistent use, you can enjoy silky feeling skin that has undergone a detoxification. You have the ability to perform an ultrasonic facial that both lifts and cleans, all from the comfort of home!

2 modes, 2 experiences

Cleansing mode performs deep pore exfoliation. This removes blackheads and whiteheads, reduces the appearance of large pores and improves the skin’s overall texture and appearance.

Lift mode tones and contours facial muscles while revitalizing the skin. This creates a firmer and healthier look.

Notice instant results

After using exfoliation mode, your skin will immediately feel smooth and detoxified. You will notice tighter and cleaner pores. Makeup will apply seamlessly onto a fresh face with little to no texture. 

With lift mode, you’re immediately met with an after-glow as the high-frequency waves stimulate blood circulation. You will see tighter and more uplifted skin. By implementing Perle into a continuous routine, you will achieve more plump and radiant skin.

How to use Perlé


  1. Remove your makeup thoroughly before using PERLÉ
  2. We strongly recommend keeping your skin moist at all times throughout the exfoliation process.
  3. Apply water, facial mist or serum on the section of the face you will be exfoliating. For best results, perform exfoliation treatment after sauna, face steaming or hot bath and work section by section.
  4. Press the operating key once to turn on the device and activate “CLEAN” mode.
  5. Gently push the 24k gold spatula against the skin (tip facing down) in an upward motion throughout the entire face.
  6. Slow down and repeat in the areas of the face where you have clogged pores. Common areas include the forehead, nose and chin (remember to add moisture all the time).
  7. Rinse your face and clean 24k Gold Spatula with a dry cloth as needed.
  8. We recommend using “CLEAN” mode 1-2 times per week.


  1. Apply your favorite serum on top of skin (avoid rubbing it in)
  2. Press the operating key twice to activate “LIFT” mode.
  3. Place the flat side of 24k gold spatula (tip facing up) on your face and lightly glide your serum in an upward direction from the middle of the face towards the edges. This allows the pulsations of PERLÉ’s ultrasonic waves to lift the skin and enhance penetration of your serums’ active ingredients.
  4. We recommend using “LIFT” mode every day with your serum.

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