Daytime Chicago | Fall Skincare Routine Rejuvenation and Tips with Nekia Nichelle

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Quoted from “Beauty & Fashion – 4 Essential Updates For Your Fall Skincare Routine” by Nekia Nichelle:

“DARCASE” is a luxury beauty and accessory company, who offers a limited edition Spa At Home Kit which consists of all three of their popular skin tools. This is the perfect set to give yourself something special… the gift of natural beauty and self-care. The set includes:

The Cristal is a luxury facial cleansing brush features soft silicone bristles that does the deeper work to remove oils, debris, and makeup from the skin on a level that hands cannot reach. An added bonus, unwind after a long day with Cristal’s dual-function heated eye massager.

Gua sha’s may be the latest beauty must have, but Darcase’s 24k Gold dual plated Gua Sha, Auri takes your skincare regiment to a whole new level. This at home facial massage tool that lifts and plumps the skin with noticeable results after a few uses.

The Perle s the ultimate exfoliating tool, offering two different modes utilizing a 24 Karat gold spatula extracting impurities, dirt, and whiteheads from pores, resulting in cleaner, smoother skin.”

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