How To Use AURÍ Gua Sha

The Aurí is a 24k gold plated dual ended Gua Sha. The Gua Sha is a popular healing tool originating from traditional East Asian medicine. This ancient beauty tool gently glides across the face relaxing stiff muscles and promoting tissue drainage.

With multiple contours that promote lymphatic fluid drainage and stimulate blood circulation, the Aurí detoxifies the skin and improves it’s overall health.

The wing-shaped side massages and tightens facial muscles and skin whilst diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You will be left with smooth and firm skin, and a noticeable youthful glow.

The ball tip end houses a small solar panel that powers a mild microcurrent to stimulate cellular regeneration and blood circulation around the eyes.

Apply facial serums, oils or moisturizers to create a smooth experience whilst  facilitating improved absorption of products.

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