How To Perform Your Own Lymphatic Drainage Massage

You may have heard the term “lymphatic drainage massage” circulating around the health and beauty community lately. Why is this activity gaining so much traction? Furthermore, what does it accomplish? These are questions that you should be asking—and we’re here to answer them.


What is your lymphatic system?

First, you must understand the system in your body that you are working with. The lymphatic system is a collection of nodes, vessels, and organs that eliminate waste and toxins from the body. Below the surface of the skin, your lymphatic system transports infection-fighting white blood cells throughout the body to maintain immunity. You have major lymph nodes in your groin, armpits, neck, and face. 

What is the purpose of a lymphatic drainage massage?

Let’s break down the short-term benefits. This massage can be performed at home with or without a Gua Sha tool or dry brush. By massaging your lymph to the proper channels, you are aiding in pushing the toxins and unwanted materials out of your body. This boosts immunity and energy. You can reduce breakouts and fine lines in certain areas of the face by detoxing with a drainage massage. 

You can also reduce swelling and inflammation of the face, arms, neck, and less seen systems like your sinuses. The gentle pulling massage relaxes stiff muscles and allows your blood to circulate more freely.

By performing your own lymphatic drainage massage consistently, you may also reap long-term benefits like improved sleep hygiene, reduced stress, improved digestion, and overall muscle relaxation.


How do I perform my own massage?

Below, we are attaching a video of Daria performing her own lymphatic drainage massage. She will demonstrate using a Gua Sha, dry brush, and her hands as tools. 

Watch Daria’s demonstration!

UPPER BODY: You will begin by opening the proper channels so the lymph can drain safely. One major area to focus on is the armpits. Beginning on one side, cup your opposite hand underneath your armpit. With gentle pushing motions, work upwards towards the neck. You should not feel any pain or discomfort during this process. Depending on how much time you have, repeat this motion 7-10 times for best results. Recite the same process on the other armpit, always working upward toward the neck.

Next, focus on the neck. To open the channels, locate the hollow space of your collarbones. Using your pointer, middle, and ring fingers, lightly press inward above the bone toward the middle of your neck. Again, you should not irritate the skin or cause discomfort. Repeat 7-10 times and mimic on the other side. 



FACE: The face is very customizable to the goals you are trying to achieve. Manipulate the sides of your fingers to press flush against the face when massaging downward. If you are looking to reduce under eye puffiness, use the outside of your pointer finger to lightly sweep out towards the temples and down toward the collarbones. For breakouts in areas like the chin and forehead, use the pads of your fingers to massage in circular motions. Don’t forget areas like the cheekbones, temples, and below the ears for relaxing stiff muscles. 

You can also use different patterns like light sweeping, small circles, and “J” motions on each area of the face. If you are using a Gua Sha, manipulate the contours and sides of the tool for best results.


NECK: Using a Gua Sha tool or your pointer finger, start at the bottom of your jawline and slowly massage down the sides of the neck to the hollow space of your collarbone. Make sure to end at the proper channels so the toxins are pushed out of your body. Repeat 7-10 with gentle sweeping motions. 

One rule of thumb to remember is that for any body part below the neck, you will work upward. For the face and neck, you will work down toward the collarbones. 


What should I do after my massage?

With the toxins now escaping your body, hydrating is essential. Consume lots of water on top of your daily intake. You may also feel the need to relax while your body adjusts to the massage. 

Always listen to your body and trust what it needs. Ease back into activity and consume cleansing foods like leafy greens and fruits. 

How often should I do a massage?

You can perform your own lymphatic drainage massage every day if you wish. If you are short on time, reduce the repetition of motion for each area, but always make sure it is even on both sides. You can do as little as five sweeps per area, or as many as fifteen. 

You will notice as you perform your own drainage massage that stiff muscles will become more relaxed, and you may even breathe easier due to cleared sinuses. You can learn which areas require more focus as you become comfortable with this process. Create a routine that fits your needs while always working toward the proper channels. 


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