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Facial massage tools are devices that help you give yourself a massage for the face and relax the muscles, improve circulation, reduce wrinkles, and improve overall skin health. There are various types of facial massage tools available such as rollers, gua shas, and cupping. These tools can be used to massage all areas of the face, neck, and scalp. With regular and correct usage, these tools can help to relax the muscles, improve circulation, reduce wrinkles, and improve overall skin health. Tools that zap, lift, and brighten are all the rave right now. However, if you’re unsure of how to utilize these tools, you may not be receiving their full benefits. Let’s break down some popular facial massaging tools to better understand what they’re ACTUALLY doing for your skin.

Jade Rollers: This tool typically comes with two ends—a short one for the under-eye area, and a longer side for rolling on the cheeks and forehead. The jade crystal is known to carry healing properties that can release negativity and soothe the holder. When rolled onto the face, this tool can help release tension by relaxing the facial muscles. If chilled beforehand in the freezer, the cold sensation is excellent for post-workout cool-down or rolling under puffy eyes in the morning.

How to use: With a sleek handle and two cylindrical jade pieces on either side, the roller can be used to gently implement creams, serums and oils into the skin. Remember to always sweep in upward motions rather than pulling down. You can massage this tool onto your neck and decollete for lymphatic drainage. Use the smaller side to lightly apply eye creams and massage the temples.

Gua Sha:

One of the most popular techniques of facial massage today is Gua Sha, a traditional Chinese practice that has been used for centuries to improve the appearance of the skin.

Gua Sha, which means “scraping,” is a beauty tool that uses gentle scraping or gliding movements to stimulate the lymphatic system and improve circulation, which can lead to a brighter, more youthful-looking complexion. The tool is made of a flat piece of material, usually made of jade or rose quartz, or even stainless steel, and is used to scrape the skin in upward motions.

 Our personal favorite Gua Sha is the DARCASE Auri, with 24K gold-plating and a dual tip. The unique contours of the Gua Sha are meant to hug the skin while lifting and tightening. You should sweep over each area 8-10 times to fully increase circulation and promote elasticity. 

Immediately after using, you will notice the skin feels tighter and appears more oxygenated. With consistent use, Gua Sha is an excellent tool for achieving firm skin. The Auri Gua Sha can be manipulated in many ways to lift the forehead, cheeks, chin, and delicate under-eye area. 

Health Benefits: On top of helping you age gracefully, the Gua Sha carries many health benefits. Sweep on the neck and decollete for lymphatic drainage to release toxins and boost immunity. Use Auri’s microcurrent ball-tip to massage the temples for headache and stress relief. Utilize the contours for the eyes and cheeks to relieve sinus pressure. Massage the facial muscles to release tension associated with teeth grinding, quality of sleep, and overall comfort. We recommend using your Gua Sha tool every day for maximum results. 

Facial Cupping: This method is an inexpensive and very effective treatment for detoxing the skin and promoting circulation. You can buy silicone face cups on Amazon for less than $10. The light suction helps to pull out impurities and create an invigorated appearance. Face cups typically come in two sizes-a large one for the cheeks and forehead and a smaller one for the delicate under-eye area. 

How to use: Start with a cleansed face. Apply your favorite facial oil generously so the cups can glide onto the skin. Starting from the center, lightly squeeze the cup so it creates suction and then gently pull to the edges of the face in upwards motions. Repeat on each area 5-6 times to ensure proper circulation. The cups should not irritate the skin or cause bruising. This popular method can also be utilized on the body to stimulate muscles and promote cell repair. We recommend doing facial cupping twice per week for best results.

Ice Roller: This tool works best after leaving in the freezer for a few hours. Made with just water and gel, the cooling roller works immediately to reduce puffiness, redness, and skin irritation. We recommend using in the morning on tired or swollen eyes to achieve a refreshed appearance. This tool can also be used after a workout to cool down the skin, or after a chemical peel for a soothing finish. 

How to use: Like the jade roller, start from the center of the face and roll in upwards motions. Hold under the eyes for ten seconds to relieve swelling. You can sanitize the roller with rubbing alcohol and use every day for best results.

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